[Enlevement Mod] (enlevement_mod) wrote in enlevement,
[Enlevement Mod]

Enlevement is Closed.
(If you are a former Enlevement player, please go here for details.)

  • 007 - Tsubaki

    Beautiful pink, and red and gold flowers all over the walls... But I don't feel good... Something's.... very, very wrong.... ...Anyone? I don't…

  • 006 - Tsubaki

    I keep catching myself like I'm about to fall, five floors is very high up. I don't like this at all. Not to mention it's made bathing very

  • 005 - Tsubaki

    I'm so small...! This is so strange; is everyone small again? I did find some clothes that fit in my closet. I fell in, trying to make my skirt

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