Guy Cecil (fontechmaniac) wrote in enlevement,
Guy Cecil

1 - Guy Cecil

Enlever Town, huh? I've never heard of it before. And I think I can say for sure I've been pretty much around the world. But..

Just what do you call this amazing machiniery?! I've never seen fon tech quite like it before! And amazingly it's so simple to use! It sort of reminds me of the controls on the Albiore, but..

Oh, I'm sorry. I should probably introduce myself first. I'm Guy Cecil and I seem to be a bit confused.. All my gald seems to be in order and my clothes are hanging in the closet but I can't seem to find my sword. They told me I must have left it at home but that's nonsense. I would never part with that of all things.

I wonder if maybe I'm losing my mind.. Hm. I doubt it.

Sorry, sorry, now I'm just rambling. But this machine is so amazing.. Ah.. I want to talk it apart and see how it works.. Anyways, would anyone happen to have a map? Maybe for the area around this town so I can find my way out? I've got a world map here but I can't seem to find this town on the map..

(ooc: Replies may be painfully slow as I'm a busy bee today. :/ )

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