March 16th, 2009

// Smirk

020 Paine

I can't get close -not to anyone, or anything. Opening up is like offering someone the chance to kill you, slowly - painfully.

I don't know what hurts more, trying and failing, losing it before you even know where you stand or what's going on.
Or being shot in the back. Swift and ruthless.

It's stupid, useless and without point. Why bother? Why care?
What a waste of time.

[ooc: Paine has a mild case of Adonis and Barberry --approach with caution.]

06- Nia Teppelin

This isn't a good idea, I told you not to be cruel!

Whoever the hell came up with this place isn't very smart. Flowers are supposed to be so dangerous, hm? Terrified of those, I am. All they're going to do is show people's real feelings. They can try to deny it as much as they want, but regardless of that fact. You fear a Host? Fear yourselves. You're here for a reason. You think you're all such great people?

Please don't talk like that anymore! It isn't true!

Please. Don't make me laugh. You're all pathetic, and worthless, just like this Host. Everyone's in a neverending cycle of despair.

I don't know what's going on... why is this happening... ?

[OOC: SO. Nia got a does of Bramble. Welcome multiple personalities! 8D]
Neutrality / I will burn my dread

021 - Ryoji Mochizuki

And so... Why is it that I should appear here, at this time? This development was not forseen. Fate must be growing weary of waiting. It appears that The Fall has been hastened.

Although... I have not arrived in my destined form. Instead, there is this transient mortal shell. So weak... so powerless. The frailty of its existence... it must know how quickly it decays.

To all of the living and dying, I wish to speak with you. Tell me what you have learned in all the seasons that have passed.

[OOC: Ryoji's come across some Celsia. So... now he believes that he's a human incarnation of a goddess. No, not a god. A goddess. Of Death. Have fun with that.]