March 15th, 2009

1 - Guy Cecil

Enlever Town, huh? I've never heard of it before. And I think I can say for sure I've been pretty much around the world. But..

Just what do you call this amazing machiniery?! I've never seen fon tech quite like it before! And amazingly it's so simple to use! It sort of reminds me of the controls on the Albiore, but..

Oh, I'm sorry. I should probably introduce myself first. I'm Guy Cecil and I seem to be a bit confused.. All my gald seems to be in order and my clothes are hanging in the closet but I can't seem to find my sword. They told me I must have left it at home but that's nonsense. I would never part with that of all things.

I wonder if maybe I'm losing my mind.. Hm. I doubt it.

Sorry, sorry, now I'm just rambling. But this machine is so amazing.. Ah.. I want to talk it apart and see how it works.. Anyways, would anyone happen to have a map? Maybe for the area around this town so I can find my way out? I've got a world map here but I can't seem to find this town on the map..

(ooc: Replies may be painfully slow as I'm a busy bee today. :/ )
night in the desert

017 Ion

It's good to see the walls again, although I can't say I trust the flowers all that much considering the girl who planted them is the same one responsible for the possessions and forcing us to fight our reflections. I couldn't avoid getting a whiff of a few of them, but they don't seem to have had a negative effect on me. Not yet, at least.

[ooc: Ion got a whiff of both the Thorn Apple and the Mezereon, which means he's got a combination of seduction powers x9000 and the desire to do anything to please the first person he comes across. Feel free to take horrible, shameless advantage of him. XD]


Chrono 10

 I'm glad the walls are back, even if they did come with evil flowers from an evil little ghost girl. I'm kinda wondering what's with the thorns in my room, though. They're kinda depressing, and more than a little bit creepy.

Everything is pretty damn depressing, now that I really look.
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Cossette- Le Dixième Post not understand this at all.

With the return of the walls, flowers. And with the flowers a fit of reminiscence on my part. It does not make sense that the flowers are forcing me to think more on my past than I would normally care to do, and yet...that is how it feels.

I do not understand.

Ceci est la torture la plus pure. Je rappelle dans Marchello tendre de détail. La façon il a fait me baisser mon garde et l'aime, et m'a assassiné alors. Les ans de chercher quelqu'un qui voudrait donner sa propre vie pour moi ou déplacer sur ou vit encore. Et Eiri. Très cher Eiri. Même il m'a abandonné, au final. Juste comme les autres. J'ai comis l'erreur de laisser mon garde et l'aimant en bas, juste aimer avec Marchello-

Non ! Non, je ne veux pas penser à ces choses plus ! Je ne fais pas !

[ooc: English translation of the French above: This is purest torture. I recall in loving detail Marchello. The way he made me let down my guard and love him, and then murdered me. The years of searching for someone who would be willing to give his own life for me to either move on or live again. And Eiri. Dearest Eiri. Even he abandoned me, in the end. Just like the others. I made the mistake of letting my guard down and loving him, just like with Marchello- No! No, I do not want to think of these things anymore! I shall not!]

007 - Tsubaki

Beautiful pink, and red and gold flowers all over the walls... But I don't feel good... Something's.... very, very wrong....


I don't

[OOC: Note is cut off due to terror taking hold, anyone passing will hear screams. Tsubaki has begonias giving her particularly violent and disturbing delusions (think Asura) and french marigolds.]