March 14th, 2009

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Thank God the hotel's back. Don't want you backstabbers peeking at me.

I'm going to give you all a fair warning. Stay away from me. Or else.

I need to get to the kitchen... gotta find a weapon. There has to be one... need to protect myself. I can see the way you look at me, all of you, I know what you're thinking. You all think I'm unbalanced and you may be right, but god help you if you try anything.

Oyashiro-sama.... protect me!

At least the flowers are pretty... though there are icky mushrooms growing in my room.

[ooc: Mods, ilu. Rena's got a big whif of both Begonia (dark thoughts [drives toward insanity]) and has Champignon (suspicion [paranoia to the point of thinking that everything and everyone is after them]) growing in her room. She's just nipped down to the kitchen, where she'll probably break off a chair leg or maybe find a bladed weapon. If you wanna run into her or start something, hit me up on MSN or Yahoo. Addresses in Rena's profile.]
I play my sitar wherever I go

8 ~~~ Demyx ~~~

Uh... Has anyone seen Aerith? Where the hell did she go? Stop yelling, s'not gonna bring her back!

There were these weird flowers in my room! It's like that guy with the pink hair! Marly-uuu-shia. Marluxia, you idiot. Stop yelling at meeeeeeeeee!

[[ooc: Demyx got Brambles and Dahlias in his room. xD So there's multiple personalities and extreme mood swings~ Tread lightly~ So far we've got a mean grouchy alter and a child-like one. ]]


013 ☆ Trucy

I've got a confession to make.  Here's the thing....

Lots of people have been confused about how I can do magic, and that's understandable.  Truth is, I'm an alien ninja princess from the planet Snorfak, and we all have magical powers.  Back on my home planet of alien ninja spies, it's supposed to be top secret that I'm still alive and inherited the powers of my mother, the grand high prophetess of the End Times.

That's why they sent me to Earth and left me in a basket at the doorstep of my Daddy, who's my real Daddy, but never knew of my mother's alien ninja princess background.  He's been left in the dark all this time, so they had to disbar him before he could discover the truth, that all the prosecutors he ever knew were agents from my homeland.

Does that make sense now?  If you need me, I'll be communicating with Mommy on an alternate plane of existence!

[ooc: Our human lie detector sniffed Apocynum and is now forced to lie all the time.]