March 13th, 2009


022 Reno

Damn if this isn't annoying. I've walked into so many damn walls and doors; I think my damn nose is broken. Not to mention I'm getting blood paranoid now.

Anyone else convinced this place is just mocking us now?

012 ☆ Trucy

Whew!  It took a few days, but I've finally got it all set up.  Don't look now, but here comes a girl who's not a bird, plane, or Superman flying your way!

[ooc: Trucy has rigged a network of clear wires to employ a flying trick.  Gasp in amazement or chagrin as she zooms up, down, and past your room!]

005 - ??? [EVENT]

Good Morning, Festering Guests~

The intercom wails, then falls silent in time to hear a swift pattering of small feet, the scraping of a chair or table, and high-pitched giggles in the background.  Somebody taps the microphone before the voice of a young girl comes on.

- - -

It's been a long time, hasn't it?  Way too long.

I'm soooo bored.  Nobody's killed each other in awhile, no red's run down the walls, not even in the elevator shaft.  Hee hee....  Big brother, you're the Host's little doggie, aren't you?  You're too busy licking shoes and messes to spend time with me anymore.  Is that fair?  No, it's not.  That's okay!  I'll play with your guests, instead~

My Shed has lots of sharp, pointy garden tools, but it also has all sorts of seed packets.  Don't you like flowers?  I do, and these flowers are the best.

Just don't sniff too hard.  The smell might go to your head.

- - -

The intercom gives one last, rather high-pitched wail before suddenly shutting down. No new file will be found on your laptop, for this is not an official announcement, and merely the NPC in question hacking into the intercom system.

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[ooc; If you have any questions or comments, reply to this entry but Out Of Character. Remember, this is an intercom message.]