March 9th, 2009


This has gotten a little easier I guess if you can call the walls being gone normal.

Have you found your belt yet Sasuke?

I want to go downstairs but I want to stay there until this place goes back to normal but everyone's been tripping all over the place.  I want to bring this computer thing but I don't want to break it. I don't know how gracious this Host is and how it'll get fixed...

I wish I had my sword at least.  This is just as bad as being trapped in the Manor.  At least then I had Guy to keep me company.

Is there anything else to do around here? 

006 - Tsubaki

I keep catching myself like I'm about to fall, five floors is very high up. I don't like this at all. Not to mention it's made bathing very difficult. I have to hang and lay down towels to I have some privacy from all sides. I like to have a view of the sky, but the view of everyone else in the hotel isn't something I'm very comfortable with. I hope we have our walls and floors back soon.