March 8th, 2009

Broken bottles empty


Just so everyone knows, the stairs are still there.  I would exercise extreme caution trying to change floors.

Or you know, you can just stay in your room and not move.  Safer that way, probably.  This place is nuts.

What are you doing, Axel?

Fuck my head, it's bleeding.

13 ~ Uchiha Sasuke

Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

Everything's pretty much invisible and I seemed to have misplaced my belt. Itachi?

Being on the second floor isn't too bad when you look down, though the looking up and actually seeing into other people's rooms is rather . . odd.

It would seem that other things like the beds are still there, but the privacy of walls is preferred.

Also, Aerith, is it? I think I can see your room from here . . .

[ ooc: feel free to say that you took his belt. 8D ]

Kusuri-uri ||13||

Well... this is interesting.

I have been in illusions like this before, but I do not believe I have ever been so... high up (though it is only three floors, I am rather more comfortable with the ground), or found so many in the same situation.

Unfortunately I have already made a fool of myself in the process of finding my door. I would appreciate it if it was not to be brought up.

Cossette, are you alright? I have not heard from you in a while. I am worried.

[ooc: as for the incident of Kusuri-uri making a fool of himself, he forgot that doorknobs are on the left hand side and tried to open the door the wrong way, subsequently walking into a wall. Feel free to laugh.]

Shot 4 | Cross Marian

Aw, what the fuck.

This is new. Damn, this is high up... fuckin' place gets weirder and weirder If any of you ladies get scared, I'm right here to cling to. Soon as I find the damn door. Least I'm full sized again. Thank god for small miracles.

Can't believe I'm on the second to top floor... can't accidentally look up at any goodies. Nobody on the 7th floor worth looking at. This sucks ass.

I need a drink.

[ooc: Cross is just a liiiittle bit grumpy right now, what with no smokes or wine, sooo... just to warn you. :D Strikes hackable but barely.]

Squee 1

O-oh my god. Way way way too high up way too high!

Um, the floor is definitely still there right? Because I threw my pillow over and it's landed and isn't falling but I can't put my foot out because I'm scared I'll fall. My skin is crawling with the thought and I have to stop right now or things will be Bad and everyone will see. Need to calm down... think happy things...

Trucy, Selphie, are you there? I'm scared...

[ooc: everyone gets a nice view of Rena hyperventilating and clinging to her bed. She'll be trying things to calm herself down, from meditation to singing to herself (though not very in tune, since she's freaked out). Enjoy. <3]

o2. Saix This is a setback. I will have to discover a way not to trip over everything to make things easier to navigate.

I have searched as much as I can of the town.

What I found is not what I would have preferred to.

More thinking is required. Something will reveal itself if I am persistent enough.

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