March 7th, 2009

// Smirk

019 Paine

At first I was convinced the Host meant for us to plummet to our deaths. The sudden disappearance of the hotel and it's surfaces is not comforting in the least.

Although I will note my gratitude for being back in my own ... form. They are both my bodies, just one is younger. I wonder how it works. Is it mine, or not.

From the seventh floor, you can see everything. And I do mean everything, so I suggest getting dressed in the cupboards or under a sheet. I won't name names, but this must be how the Heaven's would work.

Lets be thankful that no one can sneak up on anyone now.
¤ you're caught in a one way street

[One] Hinamori Momo


Where am I? We aren't in Soul Society, are we? I can't feel any reiatsu (is it normal not to feel my own reiatsu?), and...Tobiume is missing.

Where are--

Has anyone seen Tobiume? Hitsugaya-kun? Abarai-kun? Kiba-kun?

I have to--


You didn't mean it, right? ...Right?

#002 [DJ]

That was messed up. I was so short as a kid, yo. I couldn't type straight either.

...this is even more messed up.
I'm not lookin' anywhere. I'm stayin' in bed, yo. With the covers over my head. And a buncha lollipops in my pillowcase.

...'cause seriously. What the hell, yo.