March 6th, 2009

#6- Apprentice [Event]

Good Afternoon, Clueless Victims Dear Guests! 

As the intercom turns on, you hear a clatter of items, as though they were being pushed off the table with a single sweep of someone’s hand. An angry female voice can be heard before being interrupted by a likewise angry, but defeated male voice. A door is heard opening and then slamming shut, and someone is heard exhaling before tapping the microphone and clearing their decidedly male voice.

- - -

If somebody hadn’t messed around with certain things--

The Host extends well wishes to all of you yeah, right and hopes you enjoyed your second youth, but now it's time to grow up.

The Staff, Host, Manager and I would also all like to apologize in advance for some….ah, mental technical difficulties we are experiencing--it shouldn’t be long until everything is back to normal once we find someone who can fix it.

We hope that this has not caused too many inconveniences.

-The Apprentice

- - -

The intercom quietly shuts down. If you check your laptop, you will find a copy of this announcement inside a file named 'Announcements' found on your desktop. Even though everything in strikes was muttered under the Apprentice's breath, you can still find it written in the file.


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[ooc: If you have any questions or comments, reply to this entry but Out Of Character. Remember, this is an intercom message.]

074- Celena Schezar/ Dilandau Albatou

Oh! I suddenly grew up! I nearly didn't get under the covers in time when my clothes ripped! Oh, that hurt a bit, I've got red marks from the seams before they broke.

Um, um, am I seeing things, or has the hotel gone away? The walls disappeared, and when i looked down, I could see all the way to the ground! I'm six floors up! I don't dare look again or I'll probably faint and roll off the bed and fall to my death!

But. Um,  My wardrobe is just over there.  And I really would like my clothes. Oh dear, I wish I hadn't shut the door to the wardrobe now, otherwise I could probably have leapt in.

I hope my bed doesn't decide to fall.