March 3rd, 2009

Dread / I walk away

019 - Ryoji Mochizuki / Pharos

I don't like this. It feels so wrong.

We are all children, when a few days ago we were adults. The Host can manipulate time itself. Not only time, but also the laws of death. Living creatures age as time passes, and die when their life reaches an end. Those are supposed to be absolute truths. But those things do not happen here. That disturbs me.

I've been hearing things about my other self. Ryoji. He sounds like a nice person. A person who loves life and all its blessings. I'm glad. His existence itself is a reason for happiness. There is a future for me after all.

It's too loud in here. I'm used to the quiet. Before, I had only one person to listen to, and now I have many. I'm thankful that they can listen to me too, but... The lack of music makes me restless. Music is so soothing.

...I wonder what dying is like. Celena told me that I was Death. I have some knowledge of what it is like, but I don't know where it comes from. This is distressing.

073-Celena Schezar/Dilandau Albatou

I thought it would be fun if there were no adults around any more, but last night I had a nightmare again. About when I was just a bit smaller, and the bad men came and snatched me and cut of my hair and They came in their black, horrible cloaks and put needles and liquids in me and began to make me change. I was so scared when I woke up I just wanted someone to hide with.

But you're all small like me. There's no one to protect me, no one to be stronger. I'm taller than lots of you and I, I, I just want to be big again, and fearless, and if the Host brings Them here I want to be able to fight. I bet I could stop them if I was a man again.