March 2nd, 2009

== [happy] = peace

035 Yuffie

Everyone is the same size as me now! We're all the same size! I'm not just 'little brat' no more cause we're all little brats!

Although I can't climb into my super secret hiding place that I'm not telling any of you about cause it's super secret and only for my bestest best friends and I'll pick who that is.

But I don't have a treasure chest like I used to. I really want one. I used to have one when I was little before, I guess when I was proper little and not older littler young. Or whatever.

But anyway. I had a super treasure chest filled with all the best treasures in the world. I'm gonna make another one, so I'm gonna get all the treasure before everyone else does! It's gonna be super awesome and I bet I get the most, even if someone else starts doing it too. Cause I'm Super Ninja Yuffie!

Zack didn't believe me, but I showed him, I went and stole his dumb materia and he didn't even know! I was a little bit older then but... Does anyone remember how old they are?
# concentrate

// Ziva // 3

I do not find this state amusing in the least.

I will not participate in anything, and I will wait it out.
I suggest you all shower, a lot. The gas may leave your system sooner that way.

As I believe this is the only option -with the noxious gas out of our systems we will stop hallucinating, I will be showering for the remainder of the day.

After all, there is nothing else to do. Papa will not visit, I cannot preform and my lessons cannot be continued without my tutor.
Not that this is real anyway.

Does it rain here?

[ooc: strike hackable -and Ziva always was far too logical for her own good.]